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In a Nutshell

En Pointe was started in 2012 by Bethany Thomas (that's me!). Prior to becoming a wedding planner, I had already done *almost* everything in the wedding world. I've been a bridal consultant, gown designer, catering sales manager / director, venue coordinator, ordained officiant, emcee, cake decorator, florist / designer, stationery expert, and even washed the dishes. This is not only my passion, but my obsession. And not just in the normal "ooh I love sappy romance movies" kinda way....also in a weirdly scientific and clinical way. I love creating excel spreadsheets to crunch budget numbers and creating detailed venue reports and nerdy stuff like that. That's what keeps your wedding "En Pointe"...not just that I'm doing what I love, but also that I'm dang good at it.

For reals tho....why is it called "En Pointe"

Back in the day I used to dance, and I was pretty darn good.  I was trained by a Russian Prima Ballerina, and she was one tough cookie.  I remember all the preparation, the barre work, the muscle training, the rehearsing, and so much more to simply put on a performance lasting a few short hours.  And the ironic thing about ballet is that no matter how hard you work, how much you cried in the process, what incredible amount of effort was put in, you were judged by how EASY you made the graceful steps look.  In ballet you're supposed to float through the air weightlessly, spin quickly, execute intricate choreography flawlessly.  No one should ever actually know what goes on behind the scenes.  That's how I view wedding planning.  To put on a perfect performance that flows and floats flawlessly.  The couple should enjoy every second of their special day with absolutely no worry about when the champagne should be poured  or how to arrange the wedding party for the processional or what to do in case of an unplanned emergency,  The guests should also have a wonderful time and their perspective should be filled with joy and love, not timelines and blocking.  I am the stage manager and director - making sure this one special day is perfect with the least amount of stress for the couple.

Also..."En Pointe" ----- "On Point"...get it?

What Makes Me Qualified

  • Bridal Consultant - Aria Bridal
  • Bridal Consultant - Circle Park Bridal
  • Diamond-Certified Jewelry Consultant - Zales
  • Event Manager / Floral Assistant - Chapelle des Fleurs
  • Wedding Planner / Alterations Manager / Bridal Consultant - Bridal Boutique Lewisville
  • Banquet Sales Manager / Food & Beverage Director - The Tribute 
  • Private Events Director - Canyon Creek Country Club
  • Marketing Manager / Bridal Consultant - Celebrations Bridal
  • Catering Manager - Culinary Art Catering
  • Catering and Event Consultant - Extreme Cuisine
  • Event Director - Dallas Palms
  • Ordained Wedding Minister (and yes, I've performed weddings)
  • Wedding Planner Extraordinaire - En Pointe Weddings

Humble Brags

Graduated from UNT 2009
Certified Wedding Professional by Beverly Clark Enterprises
Was on the Board of Directors of the Association of Wedding Professionals
Member of NACE, JWI, AWP
Member of Strathmore's Who's Who
Dallas City Coordinator for Brides Against Breast Cancer
Multiple years winner of the Wedding Wire "Couple's Choice Awards"
Best in Denton 2 consecutive years
Made the Dallas A-List for wedding planning