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What makes me tick...

I'm a total band-nerd...like BAND NERD. I marched in the state championship high school band then went on to march with the Bluecoats Drum Corps and then went on to study music education at UNT (and then changed my entire life direction by going into weddings).

I love the water - rivers, lakes, oceans, creeks, etc. and I'm not even a snob about it. My sister and I used to love "slime fishing" when we were kids - I don't care how murky the water is as long as it's relaxing and I can have a margarita near it.

Even though I'm a grown-up, I'm a sucker for kid stuff. Like adult coloring books, paletas (Mexican popsicles), connect 4, The Lion King, etc. In fact, on our first real date after having kids, my husband and I saw "Despicable Me" (no joke).

My Love

Jason and I met in 2003 in college. He was (and is) such a respectful gentleman, and is so incredibly sweet and soft-spoken. Not like me - I'm a loud Italian girl that hugs everyone I meet, lol. We were married in 2006 in Fort Worth, and recently moved down here to San Antonio in 2015. Funny story - this picture is of us trying to cut the cake at our wedding, but because I didn't think it was necessary to hire a coordinator I had forgotten the bottom tier was faux, so we were busting our butts trying to cut through styrofoam....hence the laughing faces haha. See, we all learn lessons - I learned way back in 2006 that wedding coordinators are worth their weight in gold (or fake cake at least)!

My Furbabies

I am so in love with my furbabies. Comet is a deaf blue merle Australian Shepherd with a gimpy front leg who is quite possible the most chill creature on this planet. Lucia is a Border Collie mixed with God-knows-what...she's dumber than a box of rocks but darnit she's a sweetie-pie!

My Human Babies

I have 3 human babies (or "pink puppies" as we like to call them). Bryson is a smart and fun 4-year-old who is obsessed with cars and tumbling. I swear this kid never stops moving or talking! Coulson is in the throes of the "terrible-twos" but he's doing it in style. His baseline personality is a funky kind of weird - like he loves to just stand in the corner and roll his eyes or lick just about anything, and his dancing style is pretty special. Francesca is a brand-new baby and she doesn't have much of an outward personality quite yet, so we'll see what develops - I'll keep you posted :)